When I click, you click, we click!

COMIC-CON IS JUST TWO WEEKS AWAY. Comic-Con is for everyone, and that includes flesh-eating fungal humanoids, amirite?

Background photo credit: Sarah Mertan

I’m a latecomer to the Last of Us fandom (only having watched a friend play through the beginning many years ago), but once the show came out on HBO I dove in headfirst. I watched (and loved) the episodes, and then played my husband’s copy of the game up until its corresponding stopping point each week. Being able to watch the show and then immediately see the referenced parts of the game made me appreciate all the attention to detail so much more. Bill and Frank’s story was fleshed out in a way that was so achingly beautiful. And Henry and Sam’s storyline in the show shattered me so much more than it did in the game. The show lived up to the game and more, and I can’t wait for Part 2 to come. Playing through the game for the first time also became bonus entertainment for my husband as he watched me react as I fumbled through some of the key moments in the game. My first bloater? You bet I shouted out “OH MY GOD THAT GIANT TUMOR THING JUST TORE MY FUCKING FACE IN HALF.”

Anyway, clickers might be scary and try to eat you, but they just wanna get in on the Comic-Con fun too, okay? Also someone should really check in on their dental plans. I’m just saying they might want to look for some new providers.

I knew right away that I wanted to make a clicker to drop at SDCC, and that I wanted it to have a little attendee badge. So I had to wait until my badge came in to make an accurate one for this little guy! The thing I’m bummed about is that my home printer can only do so much in terms of printing resolution, so this little detail that I had photoshopped into the clicker’s badge was lost in the teeny tiny print!

At any rate, little Cordy Cepson (get it?) is ready for SDCC! Find this little fungally-inclined attendee and he’s yours to keep!

If you’ve never followed my drops before, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Follow me on Instagram or twitter for updates on new critters!
  2. When the time comes, follow me on twitter to track the drops. I’ll post photo hints on where I’ve dropped a critter for a people to find!
    7/5/23 UPDATE: Due to the recent news of twitter imposing viewing limits, if the limits are not changed by the time SDCC rolls around I’ll be using Instagram as a backup for drop notifications. Follow me on Instagram here.
  3. Follow the hashtag #CRITTERDROP to filter out my tweets if you want to see the ones pertaining to the drops only.
  4. If you find a critter, let me know that you found it! Please check in if you find a critter. Each one is tagged with a card with my contact info, I just ask for two things if you find one: 1) Send me a photo of your new friend, and 2) Let me know where the critter’s new home will be so I can add it to my map! I do this knowing that there’s a potential that anyone could swipe the critter and never get back to me on it, but it doesn’t make it any less disheartening when one goes missing.

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