She’s a head-turner!

I was really hoping to finish this girl before Halloween, but I guess cutting it close is still better than being late! My book Literary Yarns features a pattern for a “transforming” Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde with a rotating head, and I’ve had several people suggest that I should use the same technique to make a little Regan from the Exorcist. I LOVED the idea (creepy-cute critters are my favorite kinds to make!), but I never got around to making it a reality until now.

Regan-6653 copy

Regan-6669 copy

One of my favorite parts of making the creepy-cute characters is that I get to dirty them up! Regan wasn’t exactly wearing a robe fresh out of the laundry by the time her head was rotating around so I did her a favor and added a bit of grime.

Regan-6675 copy

And OF COURSE her head turns! What kind of person would I be if her head was only going to stay in one direction? Pffft.


She may have arrived on the scene at the last minute, but at least she showed up in time for Halloween! Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!

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