A Sand Seal Wanders into a Crochet Museum…

When I visited LA and Joshua Tree National Park last week, I was also on a mission to visit a special place in the desert:

It’s the World Famous Crochet Museum! I’d read about this adorable little roadside attraction a few years ago and bookmarked it as a mental note if I ever found myself in that area. And sure enough, I took a trip to LA and Joshua Tree National Park and immediately put it on the “must-do” list for this trip. I sent a message to their Instagram account asking if they accept contributions, and was informed that they’ll always accept new pieces, though it’s not guaranteed that everything will be displayed. With that blessing, I got to work and crocheted a little friend to take to the museum:

It’s a sand seal plushie from the Legend of Zelda! A crocheted plushie of a plushie of a fictional animal, how’s that for being meta, huh?

I finished the final stitches, packed up my little friend, and set off into the desert.

We made it to the museum and started exploring the place. It’s such a fun and sweet collection of crocheted (and some knitted) pieces that have been brought in from all over the world.

Nothing in the museum itself is for sale, but there’s a gift shop next to the structure, full of fun crocheted art that’s made by other artists, and some art pieces by the owner Shari Elf!

Shari happened to be there when I showed up, so I was able to give her the little sand seal directly! The museum is open 7 days a week, but Shari is there only on Mondays and Tuesdays, so it was a nice stroke of luck that I was able to meet her in person!

Whether or not my little sand seal plushie will have a place of honor in the museum is unknown, but I had so much fun visiting this little gem and donating a new addition to the collection!

The World Famous Crochet Museum

61855 Highway 62
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Open 7 days a week, 10am-6pm

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