LA & Joshua Tree National Park: The Recap!

SoCal’s always nice to visit. Great weather, great food, stunning views of the freeways of Los Angeles. Just kidding about the last part. Sort of.

At any rate, I’m back from LA and Joshua Tree National Park, where I visited family, dropped some critters, checked off some things from that California to-do list, and ate very, very well. To sum things up in 4 photos, it’d be these:

On to the recap!

First off, the critters! I’m happy to report that both drops that I did in LA were found! Little Leia was dropped at Pulp Fiction Comics in Culver City (on Star Wars Day AND free comic book day!), and has a new happy home in Vista, CA! Little Grogu was dropped at Stories Books & Cafe and now has a new home in Riverside, CA! Thanks to everyone who joined the hunt!

I also visited Joshua Tree National Park. Saw some rocks. And some Joshua trees. Which are not actually trees, but a species of yucca plant. This place is a desert full of lies. Also saw some teddy bear cacti. Not huggable, 0/10, MORE LIES.

I’m also a dinosaur. Rawr. (Photo of president dino was taken at the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Art Museum)

All joking aside, you really can’t beat a gorgeous desert sunset. Another national park checked off my list! I doubt that I’ll make it to all 63 in my lifetime, but it’s always a privilege to explore these gems across the nation.

I also visited the adorable World Famous Crochet Museum! I’ll have a separate post coming about this later, but this little stop was so, so cute!

We headed back to LA, where we checked off two major things that my husband and I have wanted to do!

First up was attending a Moth StorySLAM in LA. The Moth is a program that has a lot of meaning to me, from listening to the Moth Radio Hour on weekends to attending live story slams on a monthly basis. I’ve enjoyed the live storyslams through good times, and they brought me comfort through the bad. I’d eventually meet my husband at a story slam after seeing him tell a story that resonated with me to the core, cementing its place as a special part of my life. That being said, story slams are held all around the country, and my husband and I have wanted to see one outside of Houston. Achievement unlocked! We had a great time, and we loved seeing the small differences in how things are done in other cities. More importantly, we loved seeing what kinds of different stories we’d get out of the LA crowd vs Houston! I’d love to see a story slam in every host city someday, it’d be much more attainable than trying to visit all 63 American national parks!

Next up, we went to a Jeopardy! show taping! My husband’s a massive Jeopardy! fan so this was a must-do for us. It was so fun seeing our favorite folks from the Jeopardy! crew on set, and we got to sit through three consecutive tapings. This sounds super nerdy, but the episodes we happened to see were REALLY exciting. Like gasps-from-the-audience exciting. I won’t spoil anything, but come mid-June there’s going to be some pretty damn good episodes rolling in if you’re a Jeopardy! fan.

The best part of visiting LA? THE FOOD. It’s always the food, with the weather coming in as a close second. LA admittedly isn’t my favorite city because the traffic is absolutely soul-sucking, but the place sure knows how to make up for it with the food. Just a few of my favorite things that I ate:

From high-end cafes to grocery store finds, LA always feeds me well. One particular highlight was n/soto, where getting a reservation to Michelin-starred n/naka feels like it requires an act of god, but we were able to visit its sister restaurant n/soto as an easy walk-in. Food was brilliant, service was fantastic, and a full meal for two plus cocktails cost less than just one $365 kaiseki meal at n/naka. Pine and Crane was another favorite, where I had the best beef noodle soup that I’d eaten in a long time. Whenever I start getting hangry after sitting in a car for 15 minutes to travel 3 miles, the city of angels always makes me feel better by putting food in front of me. Almost as if to say “Hey, sorry about that, here’s some bomb ass Korean food. We good now?” And it works every time.

Thanks for a great and delicious time, LA! I’ll definitely be back. ‘Til next time!

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