A very odd physician walks into the universe…

I’m about two weeks late on this, but after a close call with Suicide Squad I’m back to my rule of making new critters only AFTER its source material has been released and vetted. BEHOLD! THE DOCTOR IS IN!

I think I’ve found something that might be more frustrating that putting hair on my critters: making tiny jewelry for them from scratch. The eye of Agamotto. THE FREAKING EYE OF AGAMOTTO. It involved wires, sequins, rhinestones, string, and lots of careful cutting and patience. I’m still not 100% happy with it, but short of learning to use a soldering iron it’s good enough for me.

At least it doesn’t take away from his music trivia sessions.

His sling ring skills could still use some work. Somehow he always ends up in London or on a strange spaceship.

As for my non-spoiler thoughts on the movie:

  • Doctor Strange is 100% worth seeing in 3D. I usually feel like 3D movies are a waste of money and in most movies there’s only one or two scenes that fully utilize that “OOOOH AHHHH LOOKIT THE 3D STUFF” effect, but with all the crazy folding worlds and 360 views of visually stunning effects, Doctor Strange is worth putting on those goofy plastic glasses for 2 hours.
  • Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One: I. LOVED. HER. Casting controversy aside, I’m pretty biased on this one because dammit, Tilda Swinton isn’t just an actress, she’s a shapeshifting alien from another planet who can transform into ANYONE and nails it every time.
  • It followed your classic Marvel movie formula. Introduce the big baddie by showing him/her doing something terrible. Introduce your diamond-in-the-rough hero by presenting them as a human being first. Produce a montage of the hero transforming into the hero. Throw in a few one-line zingers. Throw in the obligatory Stan Lee cameo. End off with a big fight. It’s predictable, but IT WORKS EVERY TIME. Marvel clearly knows what works for them, and they’re very good at making good use of it.
  • BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. Swoon-worthy as usual. However. HOWEVER. If I had to point out a flaw, it’d be his American accent. It’s not ‘Murican enough. He kind of cheats and does the James Earl Jones formal American tone, and many times his English accent starts to leak through. Benny, I love you darling, but your British is showing, do cover up dear.

As for the spoilery thoughts:

  • Wong! I freaking loved Wong! I actually wish there was more of him, but I guess his character was supposed to be the stone-faced librarian to begin with. He barely talked and I still loved him. Again, Marvel’s writers know how to work out quick ongoing jokes, and the whole “let’s try to make Wong laugh” running joke was pretty fun.
  • I love how smart the writers were with including that one-liner of “It’s our wi-fi password. We’re not savages.” That single line alone broke any expectations of Kamar-Taj being some sort of ancient temple trapped in the past, so when we see Doctor Strange writing an email to Christine or Wong listening to music on an MP3 player no one would be crying out “WTF THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.”
  • LOVED the fact that the final battle wasn’t actually resolved with a massive fight between Doctor Strange and Kaecillius, but with Doctor Strange basically being an asshole to Dormammu and saying “I can do this all day, bro.” It was a battle of wits in addition to showing Doctor Strange’s growing powers. When most of the Marvel heroes depend on superpowers, superweapons, or straight-up super strength for most big fights, it was fun and refreshing to see something a little different.

Needless to say, I loved Doctor Strange, and every time I think Marvel will have finally drained their resources and stop making fun movies, they prove me wrong again and again. I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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