Seattle and Vancouver: the recap!

I took a trip to Seattle and Vancouver and I feel like the Pacific northwest always seems to treat me pretty well. Apparently I tend to show up right when the gloomy weather decides to take a break, so it’s been a fantastic time every time I’ve gone up to visit. While both of my critters that I dropped in Seattle were unaccounted for, I got check-ins on both of my drops in Vancouver, so I’ll take it! If I had to sum up my trip to Seattle in four pictures it’d be these:

And my four photos to sum up my trip to Vancouver:

Critter recap:

I dropped two critters in Seattle and two more in Vancouver. The ones in Seattle were confirmed to be taken, but I haven’t heard from their adopters! If you or someone you know has these little dudes, let me know! It’s never too late to check in, even if it’s months later!


Otherwise the two that I dropped in Vancouver were both accounted for! Little Deadpool is staying in Vancouver (so appropriate. SO APPROPRIATE!), and little Wolverine is going to GERMANY. SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT. The only other critter I’ve got in Europe is a little Superman in Italy, so I’m super stoked to add that one to the map!


Oh, Seattle. I’d been to Seattle once before when my family took a cruise to Alaska. We only hung around for a day before the cruise ship departed but I instantly fell in love with the place just from walking around Pike Place Market and vowed to come back. Nine years later, I’ve returned.

  • Pike Place Market: You can’t visit Seattle without walking through Pike Place Market and eating everything in sight. I visited Piroshky Piroshky as soon as I landed, then got myself some clam chowder from Pike Place Chowder (tip: order it to-go to skip the line). Having a hotel nearby was awesome because I was able to just hop on down to the market on a daily basis to try something different. I could eat around that market all day.

  • Columbia Tower: Several people had mentioned this as a superior alternative to the Space Needle (I wasn’t interested in the Space Needle to begin with), and holy crap they were right. It’s taller than the Space Needle (meaning better views), it’s cheaper than the Space Needle, and you can get booze at the top with your view. The skies were clear when I went so I was able to see all three mountain peaks from the skydeck!
  • Does the tap water just taste better everywhere in the Pacific northwest?? I mean, Portland’s water tasted ridiculously good to me, and Seattle’s is pretty damn good too. Then again, Houston has some STANK-ass water. I’ve just learned to deal with it.
  • The Seattle Public Library: GORGEOUS building. Seattle, this is your public library? Like anyone can just show up? Goddammit between Seattle and New York, Houston really needs to step up its public library game. Bonus: I found a copy of my book on the shelves there! I left a little Batman there for a critter drop. 🙂

  • Chihuly Garden & Glass: Loved loved LOVED this. Absolutely stunning work.

  • Museum of Pop Culture: The MoPop! They had a special Marvel exhibit there so of course I sprung for the special ticket. Seeing all the props and reading up on the history of Marvel was cool and all, but if I had to be honest I actually loved the rest of the museum more! My favorite was the sound lab where there were several soundproof booths with instruments where you could either rock out on your own if you already know how to play (they had plugs for you to plug in your phone/mp3 player to pick your own music), or if you didn’t know how to play it’d show you the basics!

  • Seattle hot dog: I tried it. I liked it! Apparently in Seattle hot dogs are made with sauteed onions and slathered with cream cheese, and it seems to be kind of a polarizing thing? I’m a sucker for cream cheese, so I was cool with it.
  • I don’t care what anyone says, drivers in Washington state aren’t that bad. Maybe compared to Oregonians they might seem slightly more aggressive (SLIGHTLY), but otherwise I had zero problems driving on the roads to my hikes.
  • Rattlesnake Ledge: FANTASTIC day hike. I visited Snoqualmie Falls first in the morning which was a nice view to greet my day with. Afterward I drove off to Rattlesnake Ledge to take the hike up, and it’s SO satisfying once you got to the top. The weather was fantastic so it was a great hike all the way. As much as I want to believe that you can get a variety of scenery across the state of Texas, you just won’t get views like this in the Lone Star State.

  • Bar hopping around Capitol Hill: the highlight of my visit to Seattle. While I usually spend my vacations eating everything in sight and then walking it off at museums or hikes before the next time I stuff my face, the best part of traveling is meeting people and chatting it up with locals. I started out getting a drink at Canon, met some friendly locals, and spent rest of the night hanging out with them at a grungey little local live music spot and having a ridiculously fun time at Unicorn. Food and sightseeing are a big component of my travels, but it’s the people that make it great. 🙂


    O, Canada! I had a bunch of vacation time to burn, so why spend it all in one place? Turns out you can take a train ride from Seattle to Vancouver for a little over $50. You’d be spending about the same amount on a tank of gas, the scenery is better, and you don’t have to do the driving! Sounded like a win to me. With this kind of view you would’ve thought I was traveling by sea. Totally worth it.


    Anyway, my thoughts on Vancouver!

    • West coast Canadians have a more prominent accent than the east coast folks, heh. Which makes me wonder if I sounded obviously American to everyone else. Hmm.
    • Stanley Park: I arrived in Vancouver on a sunny day, and everyone (quite seriously EVERYONE) that I talked to told me I had to go to Stanley Park, like, NOW. GO. GO WHILE THE WEATHER IS STILL GOOD. That was the message I was being given by multiple people. So I took their advice and I’m glad I did. Holy crap, Vancouver, this place is HUGE. And oh-so-pretty. I walked along the seawall (no bikes for me, I get nervous due to a bad accident I had long ago), made my obligatory visit to the totem poles, and just got lost in the park in general. Great way for me to walk off the amazing 13-course sushi lunch I had as soon as I got off the train. 🙂

  • Robson Street: Bad news: when I was trying to leave Stanley Park I found out the buses stopped running for almost an hour because of a massive wreck on the roads. Good news: Vancouver is extremely walkable so when the buses stopped I started walking, and ran into Robson street, where I found my happy place because HOLY SHIT I JUST FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL OF JAPANESE AND KOREAN FOOD. Needless the say I ate my down the street until I made it back to my AirBnB. I may or may not have made several return trips to this street to eat more as well. 😉
  • Lynn Canyon suspension bridge: I was debating between the Capilano suspension bridge and the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge, but once I found out that Capilano was about $50 and Lynn Canyon was free I was like “Yeah, I’m gonna go for the free one.” The weather was a bit gloomy and overcast, but it still made for a lovely walk through the woods and the bridge itself is awesome and slightly terrifying at the same time. I loved every minute of it.

  • Drinks at the Keefer Bar: Again, it’s the people who make vacations great. I LOVED the Keefer Bar. Great drinks, and I love the whole Chinese medicine theme to the place. While I didn’t chat up too many locals here at the Keefer Bar, I DID chat with other fellow travelers and one of them would lead to a fun coincidence later.

  • Richmond Night Market! Holy hell this place is AWESOME. I wasn’t originally planning on going because it was a bit out of the way from downtown Vancouver, and I wasn’t sure about going alone because I’d have to waste a lot of food if I wanted to sample everything I wanted to try. Thankfully I was able to meet up with a friend in Vancouver who was able to share the food load with me.

  • I was featured in the print copy of the Vancouver Courier! Follower @anniesloan39 on Instagram alerted me to this and I was on a mission to find a copy! After asking a hotel concierge, I found out that the Courier was one of those free papers that come from a box in the street. The fun coincidence that I mentioned from the Keefer Bar? The security guard at the hotel I went to is the uncle of one of the people I chatted with at the bar! One way or another my friend and I tracked down a Courier box and I was on my way home with a fantastic souvenir. <3
  • Thank you Seattle and Vancouver for a fantastic time! I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad time visiting the Pacific northwest. I can see why people are so obsessed with that part of the country. Thanks for treating this Texan well, and thanks to everyone who joined my critter hunt!

    2 comments on “Seattle and Vancouver: the recap!”

    1. I am in Seattle right now. I adore this city. Pike Place is one of my favorite places on this earth. We just ate the best plum there yesterday and after 8 years of visiting, we bought our first flowers from the market. Sooooo beautiful.

      I can’t wait to get back to Vancouver some year. Last time I was there I was a child. It is time to go back and see it all again.

      I really wish I could travel with you. You do all the things I love to do (except I don’t drink). Thank you for sharing your trip with us, I love to see what people do. And I am so glad you had a wonderful time.

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