Hookers Across the Pond: Guest Critters are Here!

Gina and I have never met in person, but since 2016 she’s been sending little crocheted characters of her own for me to drop on her behalf at SDCC, and this year the tradition continues on! She sent me three little buddies on a long journey from the UK, and I can’t wait to see who picks up these little buggers!

Starting out her lineup, we’ve got Soldier Boy from The Boys!

The little details always get me. Also all the embroidery and shaping of the shield!

Next is a tiny little Captain Carter from “What If?”!

This little English rose’s shield is already impressive enough as is with the details…

…but then Gina added an extra bonus to it! THE SHIELD SNAPS ONTO PEGGY’S BACK. How cool is that??

And last but not least, we’ve got a teeny little time lord!


Gina sends me her little critters every year, and yet I’m still always surprised by how tiny they are, and how much detail she can add to such a small package!

I’ll be dropping these little guys at SDCC, find one and it’s yours to keep! And if you don’t find one of Gina’s critters, SHE HAS AN ETSY SHOP! So if you don’t find one of her little buddies at SDCC, you can order one from her, and she takes custom requests! Otherwise you can find her at the following platforms:

Otherwise if you’ve never followed my SDCC drops before, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Follow me on Instagram or twitter for updates on new critters!
  2. When the time comes, follow my tweets or my Instagram stories to track the drops, where I’ll post hints on where I’ve dropped them for a lucky finder!
  3. Follow the hashtag #CRITTERDROP to filter out my tweets if you want to see the ones pertaining to the drops only (this only applies to Twitter).
  4. If you find a critter, let me know that you found it! Please check in if you find a critter. Each one is tagged with a card with my contact info, I just ask for two things if you find one: 1) Send me a photo of your new friend, and 2) Let me know where the critter’s new home will be so I can add it to my map! I do this knowing that there’s a potential that anyone could swipe the critter and never get back to me on it, but it doesn’t make it any less disheartening when one goes missing.

Pick your social media poison and join the hunt!

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