Getting a grip.

Hookers, take care of yourselves. I overdid it when I was making little Yondu Poppins, and it busted up my right hand. I had a hard time holding onto my hooks (or anything else for that matter), and my hand was constantly tingling and numb. I was stubborn and waited for two weeks while constantly convincing myself it was getting better. Two weeks later I finally had to admit that no, not being able to squeeze a sponge to do the dishes ISN’T progress, so I tried to book a doctor’s appointment, but that took another 1.5 weeks before I could find someone who was available. I saw a doctor, was sent home with some meds, and hey, I felt better! Then I finished my meds and well, it’s coming back. So I’ve booked another appointment, but I have to wait another two weeks to follow up and get this checked out again. Hopefully it’s nothing permanent, and hopefully a second trip to the doctor will get me all fixed up.

In the meantime I haven’t touched my hooks. Add up all that time and now I’ve been set back a full month on my hooking. I know none of these projects are mandatory. I know it’s all self-imposed deadlines. But it still sucks. Comic-Con’s coming up in a month and I had so many things I wanted to make. The part that upsets me more is that I wanted to make some more to donate as prizes for the blood drive, but at this point I’ll just have to stick with what I’ve got.

That being said, it looks like I’ll have a short lineup of critters this year, but I’ve got some other talented hookers who have asked me to be art drop mules for them at SDCC this year! Here’s three critters that I’ve seen from Marcy of Moon’s Creations that she’ll be sending on to me to drop on her behalf, and I LOVE them:

With my own critter drop lineup being be cut short, and with all the awesomeness that I’ve been seeing from Marcy, I’m putting out an open call: if you’d like me to be your art drop mule at SDCC, let me know! If you’re interested in having me do drops on your behalf at the biggest geek event of the year, shoot me a line via twitter, facebook, or email (geekyhooker [at], and we’ll talk! It can be anything, whether it’s drawings, jewelry, other little doodads, etc. If you’ve got art that you want to share with the world, I’ll be happy to help. I only ask that inquiries only come from folks who will not be attending SDCC themselves. HOWEVER, if you’re doing drops of your own at SDCC, let me know about those too! If I get enough people interested, I’ll write up a collective post to fill everyone in on who to follow on social media. If I can’t fill out my own critter drop lineup, at least I can try to help others spread the fun and share their work! If you want to do art drops of your own, drop me a line, otherwise hopefully I’ll get a grip soon enough!

13 comments on “Getting a grip.”

  1. Cheryl Rettinger

    I’m sorry to hear you r out of commission. It sounds like you have carpal tunnel syndrome. Please be sure to see a hand specialist and feel comfortable with treatment before you do anything drastic like surgery. It is one solution but a big one. I live in New Jersey and the Rothman Institute has many wonderful doctors. I know you are disappointed to not drop your wonderful, clever characters especially at ComiC-Con but take care of your hands for the future. I hope you are pain free soon and able to continue your art. Best wishes from a fan, Cheryl

  2. I”m so sorry to hear about your hand. All my healing power is being sent to you. I hope you get lots of offers for art drops. They are so much fun. You are so good to us. I hope the doctor can help.

  3. Sounds like carpal tunnel to me too. I had a diagnosis of carpal tunnel earlier this year and my symptoms were much the same as yours. I could barely lift my clipboard at work, or carry my own cup of tea. I had to be put on restricted duties at work and i was told no crochet for a month whilst i wore wrist braces. Its devastating but it does get better. If you catch it early it is reversible, you just have to be cautious not to strain yourself too much. Look after your self!

  4. Oh no! Wishing you a speedy recovery. What a bummer.

    I do have a ton of little crochet creatures filling up my shelves. So how would that work, just mail them to you? This could be a lot of fun! I’m in St. Louis so I never get all the way out there myself.

    1. Yes! Shoot me an email (geekyhooker at, tweet, or a message on Facebook and we can discuss details, but otherwise it’s pretty straightforward: make whatever you want (in any medium, doesn’t have to be crocheted!), make sure to tag it with your contact info so people will know how to find you (especially if you’ve got an etsy shop!), and I’ll drop them for you at Comic-Con for lucky strangers to find! 🙂

  5. Cecile Fleetwood

    OH NO! This is absolutely awful! I, personally, am a serial hand abuser! Over the years, I have had cortisone injections, splints, physical therapy…you name it! Both hands too. I had surgery, both hands, with mixed results. Try everything else first. I have heard that acupuncture helps. Massage too.
    Yes, the Blood Drive will miss your little creatures BUT the most important thing is getting you healed! I did find a Wookie that wasn’t claimed last year so you will have a presence!
    If any of your crafty followers would like to donate items for us to include in the Blood Donor Drawing, we would be most appreciative!

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