SDCC 2022: The recap!

Holy hell I haven’t done an SDCC recap since 2019. I’m just going to let that sink in for a bit. It’s been a long few years, and San Diego Comic-Con is back. It was a much quieter, calmer con, and to be honest I really enjoyed it. I actually got to sleep in for once! SLEEP. AT COMIC-CON. Those two things usually don’t go together. There were lots of things that were sorely missed, and I really wish I had made more of an effort to get better photos and coverage throughout my time there (I pretty much only tweeted/posted my critter drops), but I think everyone was slowly dipping their toes back into the beautiful chaos that is Comic-Con, and it was the reset button that we all needed. It just felt so, SO good to be back. Here’s the recap!

Critter drops:

First things first: every single one of my critters (along with Gina’s) were found, and every single one was checked in! THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the hunt, I hope everyone had a great time!

I wish I had done more, but it still was a great year for drops, and honestly it was the boost I needed to remind me why I still do the drops after all this time. I’d actually lost a lot of motivation for crocheting during the pandemic and wasn’t sure how the drops would go this year, but clearly there’s still loads of enthusiasm for them! I wish I had been a little more organized with it and done better with keeping everyone in the loop leading up to Comic-Con, but it still seemed to go well, so it’s a huge relief to see that the mojo is still there! Let’s just say it was the boost I needed, so as long as Comic-Con is still on (and barring any other bizarre events *knocks on wood*), critter drops will definitely be back next year!

The convention floor:

The convention floor felt significantly lighter this year. Sure, I missed seeing Cartoon Network handing out their daily buttons or having more substantial booth experiences on the floor (AMC always killed it with their Walking Dead booths), but I also DON’T miss the frenetic crush of people when celebrity signings happened, and it was pretty nice to have some breathing room on the convention floor for once. A huge win for smaller companies and artists!


Man, other than the usual Saturday Hall H chaos, panels were so, SO easy to get into this year. Kind of a strange feeling, but I fully welcomed being able to get into both Ballroom 20 and Hall H less than an hour before the panels that I was interested in began. That’s absolutely unheard of in the past, and while I don’t expect it to be the norm, it was nice being able to waltz up into the halls for the Severance and Keanu Reeves BRZRKR panels and grab a seat closer to the front than I’ve ever been. I also sat through a smaller panel about the future of horror movies by Blumhouse films, IFC, and A24, and absolutely LOVED it. My husband combed through the ENTIRE schedule and found a golden needle in the haystack with that one!

Offsite activations:

Offsite activations were also much lighter than previous years, but there were still some great heavy hitters! I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Severance offsite activation on opening day which was INCREDIBLE – I haven’t seen that level of attention to detail at an activation since the Westworld offsite experience back in 2017.

I also attended the Fandom party, which was INSANE. I’ve heard the music thumping from outside the party for years, but never attended until now! Crazy to think that people who have gone in the past say it was even bigger, it was already a huge event as is! I’m usually a grumpy old woman when it comes to big parties, and even then I had a blast and am so glad I can check this off of that SDCC to-do list!

Other offsite activations were pretty fun, but Adult Swim on the green was sorely missed, SyFy’s street team wasn’t around to wreak havoc on karaoke and bingo buses, and Conan O’Brien’s team’s absence definitely made the landscape of the offsite activities feel different. That being said, it was still nice to see room left for others to shine, and I still fully believe that you can show up to SDCC without a badge and have a better time than anyone with access to the convention itself!


Was it the best SDCC ever? It wasn’t, but overall it was a much more subdued SDCC, and honestly I think it’s what we all needed. I loved the extra breathing room, I loved being able to get some more sleep, and maybe it’s also given the big studios time to reassess what works for them and what doesn’t, while giving some of the smaller ones some time to shine. One way or another it still felt SO good to be back, and I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings. It was great seeing that everyone was still excited for the critter drops, and here’s to a new chapter for SDCC!

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