SDCC 2018: The recap!

This was my eighth year going to San Diego Comic-Con, and it was kind of a weird one, but not in a bad way. The heavy hitters Marvel and HBO were notably absent. Lines were still around, but they were remarkably shorter. I’m not feeling as much of the post-con withdrawal as usual, but maybe it’s because this year was a slower con and honestly I’m okay with that. Here’s my SDCC summed up in 4 photos:

Best parts:

This was definitely a year for offsite events for me. While there wasn’t anything to the same caliber of last year’s Westworld experience or the Blade Runner 2049 installation, I still felt like the offsite events outshone anything that was happening in the convention center itself. Highlights:

  • LAIKA live: I arrived in San Diego on Tuesday with the thought that the lines for this should be much shorter because the SDCC crowd hadn’t rolled in yet. I was wrong. SO WRONG. The line was still 2.5 hours long, but I went through it anyway because I knew that a 2.5 hour wait on the Tuesday before the beginning of Comic-Con would mean a 4-5 hour wait once the convention began. Still worth the wait. They brought in actual animators from LAIKA for this exhibit, and the enthusiasm and pride they take in their work is so incredibly inspiring. I seriously wanted to ask them what kind of training is required to be one of them, because I’m just crazy enough to think that working for 2 years on 4 minutes of footage actually sounds FUN to me. There’s something about putting in all of your love and effort into a project and getting that amazing swell of pride when it turns out well that speaks out to me.
  • Team Coco House: I got to see the Run the Jokes show with Nore Davis and I loved it. I like visiting standup comedy shows around town here in Houston, so to see some standup comedy that was handpicked by Conan O’Brien’s team definitely piqued my interest. I went in without knowing who any of the performers would be, so to see Hari Kondabolu walk up on the stage was a fantastic surprise for me!
  • Eric Cartman’s escape room: SO MUCH FUN. It seemed like escape rooms were a big thing this year, and I’m glad I went with the South Park themed one over the others. A good challenge, and plenty of fun South Park-related Easter eggs scattered throughout the room.
  • DC Universe experience: It’s not every day that you get to put on a bunny suit and take a baseball bat to wreck shit up. I jumped in line for Harley Quinn’s Chaos Room thinking it’d be some sort of VR simulation of destroying everything in an asylum cell, and it turned out that you ACTUALLY got to bust up a mess in a room.

Worst parts:

  • The Jack Ryan offsite experience. The wait for the VR portion was RIDICULOUSLY slow and when I finally got to my turn 4 hours later, it crapped out on me. I ended up missing the Breaking Bad reunion panel because I was still sitting in line, and I missed the Brooklyn 99 panel as well because by the time I hopped in line after my 10-hour Jack Ryan ordeal it was too late. The only consolation is that they gave away some decent swag and they took care of us pretty well while we waited (lots of snacks and water being given out), otherwise the VR setups really should have been running a lot more smoothly before they went live with this activity.
  • THE HEAT. Thankfully it didn’t start getting bad until Saturday, but once the heat rolled in it sucked the life out of me. I had tickets to the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live show, but by the time I got into the theater I felt so drained that I was too tired to fully enjoy it. Sitting in an air-conditioned dark room made me slightly sleepy. Still had a great time though!
I got so freaking tired of seeing/hearing the trailer for this stupid show.


I didn’t go to any! See above.

Convention floor: 

The convention floor seemed kind of bland this year? Then again I’ve been feeling that way for a few years now. Maybe it’s just me losing that bright-eyed feeling I got as a Comic-Con newbie all those years ago. There were still some cool displays nonetheless.


Not much this year. I feel like the swag grabs kind of dwindle every time, but I’m not complaining. Most of the time I end up just giving away my stuff anyway.


The drops: 

100% CONFIRMATION RATE YESSSSSSS!! The only one that had a bit of a scare was Captain America, but that’s because the confirmation came through Instagram and I was checking twitter most of the time. All of my drops were found and reported in, including Gina’s guest drops! So many happy faces. You guys are the best.

The people: 

This was by far the best part of the con for me. Sure, this year was a bit slower than previous years. No heavy-hitting activities. No major celebrity surprises. No big movie or trailer drops to excite everyone for things to come. But this year Comic-Con really meant something more to me. Something that I haven’t mentioned here up until now is that I got a divorce earlier this year, and the past year has been a rollercoaster for me in terms of picking up the pieces and learning to open up to people again. I’m in a much better place now, and Comic-Con really solidified that for me. I spent time with old friends, found a new tribe to be my con-buddies, had beers with an awesome couple from SoCal, got lunch with crochet goddess Candice (seriously, CHECK THIS OUT), met Jason the “Corgi Kohmander”, ran into critter hunters from previous years (Comic-Con is HUGE, it’s amazing how you can still pick people out in a crowd!), and met some awesome new people during this year’s drops. Comic-Con is always full of extravagant activities, star-studded panels, fan-tailored experiences, and scrambles for giveaways, but this was one year where I was reminded that it’s really the people that make Comic-Con great every year. And for this year in particular, it was an especially good reminder that there’s good people in this world and that sometimes we all need one big crazy experience to bring us all together. We go to Comic-Con together, and hopefully we all leave feeling like we’ve connected with something more than just our geeky interests. Thanks for all the love, my fellow nerds. ‘Til next year. ❤

2 comments on “SDCC 2018: The recap!”

  1. Thanks for the recap. I didn’t get to enjoy the off-sites this year, so I appreciate the reviews on them. The lines were way to long the times I went by. I was searching for your critters throughout con. I wasn’t fast enough though. LoL. Looking forward to next year’s critter hunt. Thank you for making it so much more fun. 🙂 I need to learn how to make those little guys. Lol

  2. Sorry to hear about your divorce but happy that you seem to be doing well and that SDCC helped. We didn’t do any off sites but had heard they were very good. I wish so much that we would find of your critters but I do enjoy seeing others find them and the happiness they bring to everyone.

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