Need hadoken insurance?

My friend asked me for a favor as a gift to her cousin. They wanted a certain blonde boy with the STRONGEST eyebrows in the gaming universe. Enter Ken.

Then he started making a mess in my home. And didn’t pay his rent.

So you know what? This little asshole needs to get out ASAP. I’ll be handing him off later this week. STOP HADOKEN-ING MY THINGS, TOTORO STILL HASN’T RECOVERED.

Household damage aside, Ken (from Street Fighter, not Barbie’s Ken!) was pretty fun to make! Sewing on the angry eyebrows (why are they so thick??) made me chuckle.

But the biggest thing that completes Ken’s look is his Ken-tastic hair. Putting hair on a critter is a tedious process, but when it works out the results are FAB-U-LOUS.

Ken and his shag-tastic hair will be leaving my home soon. I’ll be happy that I don’t have to clean up his mess anymore. To the recipient: get some hadoken insurance, you’ll need it.

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