Whooo’s that wonderful girl?

I fully consider myself a Texan, but here’s a fun fact: I spent my childhood years living near the Canadian border, and lived there long enough to remember having the Canadian edition of Sesame Street broadcast to my TV (and learned to count to 10 in English, Spanish, AND French!). But I didn’t stay there long enough to know the joy that is Nanalan’. Apparently Nanalan’ has been around since 2000, and it’s having a resurgence two decades later thanks to some hilariously relatable memes that I’ve been absolutely obsessed with.

Canada, why have you been holding out on this internet gold from the rest of us?? Who is this adorable little sentient pea? Why is her nana this giant carrot of a woman? Why does Mona always sound like she’s drunk or high? Actually, most toddlers sound like they’re drunk or high and have questions that we can’t answer, so Mona is painfully accurate for your average 3 year-old. I can’t get enough. Anyway, my obsession spilled over into my crocheting, so here’s Mona!

It’s the little pigtails that really pulled it together for me. I tied on strands of green yarn and then brushed them out until they were fluffy like they are in the show!

She’s just too much. I might have to make little accessories for her later (maybe a tiny Fleefer!), but I’ll keep my obsession at bay for now. FOR NOW.

Whoooo’s that wonderful girl? With the right attitude, it’s all of us. 🫶 Also this is my answer to anyone who tells me I’m getting a little too obsessed:

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