The more the merrier!

I’m not the only one doing art drops! Over the years I’ve found other people who make cool stuff and leave them behind for the rest of us to enjoy! While I’m not collecting guest art like I did last year (it was fun, but it ended up being too much for me), I’ll gladly spread the word if anyone else is doing art drops of their own! Check out these awesome folks and stalk them like crazy on twitter at SDCC to get a chance to pick up some of their art! Read on to see who else will be dropping fun stuff at SDCC next week!

@shozumi – he did drops last year and I had the pleasure of meeting him and seeing some of his stuff in person! Very versatile talent, he’ll be dropping some awesome 3D printed art and some other surprises!

@dsgnJenn – she’s also a returning dropper, and she’ll have an army of little dapper penguins with her! She’ll also be featured in the SDCC art show if you want to see more of her work in person!

@rosemaryreeve – she dropped some awesome mini paintings last year, and she’ll be back at it this year!

@MareOstic – a fellow hooker, last year she dropped an AMAZING crocheted mashup of Elliott from ET and Eleven from Stranger Things and this year she’ll be back with some awesome crocheted art of her own! (Note: the badass little dude pictured below won’t be dropped, but can be won! Stay tuned to her twitter for details!)

@dazestudio – these guys will be dropping some super sweet enamel pins during SDCC!

@BethSleven – She’s done drops at SDCC before, and she’ll be dropping awesome crocheted work again this year! Y’all, she made freaking INFINITY GAUNTLETS.

The Art Ninja: While she won’t be attending SDCC next week, follower @NinjaWest has been kind enough to drop her awesome mini-paintings on her behalf! Follow the Art Ninja on facebook because she’s awesome and does mini painting drops of her own out near Atlanta, but for the drops at SDCC you’ll be stalking her assistant @NinjaWest!

@CorgiKohmander – he’s been putting together awesome little care packages every year for people to find, and this year is no exception! Follow him for some awesome #CorgiLoot! (also it’s freakin’ CORGIS. <3)

@illgowithyouorg – they’ll be dropping buttons and lanyards!

@momwifemeblog – More swag to hunt for, and hers includes stuff from fancy sponsors like local museums and the Birch Aquarium! Follow her twitter account for details!

@TheDrode – Find her and she’ll give you an awesome bracelet!

@LdySHIELDArcher – Find her in the Hall H line on Friday and she’ll give you a Hawkeye Tsum Tsum! And an arcade token if you’re dressed in Deadpool gear!

If you’re doing art drops of your own, let me know and I’ll add you to this list! The more the merrier. I’m all about spreading the fun. 🙂 Happy dropping, and happy hunting!

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