The more the merrier, 2019 edition!

I’m not the only one doing art drops! Over the years I’ve found other people who make cool stuff and leave them behind for the rest of us to enjoy! If you’re doing drops of your own, let me know and I’ll gladly spread the word! Check out these awesome folks and stalk them like crazy at SDCC to get a chance to pick up some of their art! Read on to see who else will be dropping fun stuff at SDCC next week!


Here’s a list of other generous folks dropping crocheted art around at SDCC!

@PlushiesPop – So, so many crocheted cuties across different fandoms! (Pssst…they also take commissions!)

@TheDrode – Last year she did some fun bracelet drops and this year she’s getting in on the hooking game!

@Stitchy_Girl – she’ll be dropping these ditto Pokemon cuties!

@Gomigomigomiday – you want pokeballs? How about little Yodas? She’ll be dropping both!

niftyneuron – turtle shells! Be careful with these if you’re on the road, heh.


And here’s a list of people dropping things other than those that can be made with a hook!

@joshuastoybox – I’m a sucker for young talent and I’m so incredibly impressed with this talented 15 year-old young man who will be dropping custom made toys! He’ll be posting his drops to both twitter and instagram, so give him a follow on both!

@kimiecrafts – NOTE: she’ll be posting her drops on Instagram! I can’t say enough about her art, she’ll be dropping these gorgeous, GORGEOUS paper art pieces set in resin and someone might have to fight me for one because they’re seriously amazing. She also takes commissions via DM on her Instagram!

@lennonchild – PERLER BEAD ART! How could you not love that? She’ll be posting her clues to both twitter and instagram!

@IAmJesseTorres – he’ll be dropping signed prints around #SDCC! You can check out more of his artwork at!

@shozumi – he’s done drops for the last two years and I had the pleasure of meeting him and seeing some of his stuff in person! Very versatile talent, he’ll be dropping some awesome 3D printed art and some other surprises! (check out his twitter account for his final #minicritter that he’s made, it’s seriously AMAZING)

@rosemaryreeve – another returning dropper, she paints awesome mini paintings with the hashtag #COLORDROP and she’ll be back at it this year! She’ll also be participating in the SDCC art show and she also has an etsy shop!

@CorgiKohmander – he’s been putting together awesome little care packages every year for people to find, and this year is no exception! Follow him for some awesome #CorgiLoot! (also it’s freakin’ CORGIS. <3)

@BGFCentral – last year she dropped these amazing custom made geeky tote bags, and she’ll be at it again this year!

@HermitTst – They’ll be dropping Funko pops, signed comic books, and other fun stuff!

@RizCifra – They’ll be dropping prints!

@haveaduckieday – last year she dropped adorable little keychains and she’ll be back at it again this year! Follow her on instagram!

If you’re doing art drops of your own, let me know and I’ll add you to this list! The more the merrier. I’m all about spreading the fun. 🙂 Happy dropping, and happy hunting!

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