Splitting hairs

Sherlock hi-res copy

After years of fangirling over Benedict Cumberbatch, I finally made a little Sherlock! One of my friends in the UK is doing me a favor by transporting this super awesome sweary adult coloring book to the US for me when he visits (shipping to the US would have been outrageously expensive), so in exchange I made a little Sherlock for his wife! The mop of hair. THAT F*CKING MOP OF HAIR. The things I had to go through to get that look.

Sherlock hair 1

First I had to hook on each strand one by one…

Sherlock hair 2

Then I’d cry when I realized that I was nowhere near being done. Why all this hair, Cumberbatch? WHYYY???

Sherlock hair 3

After hooking all the strands of hair, I then had to manually fray out each strand. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I started re-evaluating my life choices at this point. I also started to think he’d make a good Merida if I used reddish yarn instead.

Sherlock hair 4

I started to hate the world, so I took a break from all the fraying with a tasty beverage.

Sherlock hair 5


Sherlock hair 6

I took out my frustrations on the beer can.

Sherlock hair 7

I finished fraying all the hairs, refrained from yanking my own hair out, and gave him a haircut.

Sherlock hair 8

I sat back and looked a the final result. Was it worth it? I’m still not sure, but I’m just glad it was over.


Sherlock hair

BEHOLD! The mop of hair that caused me so much pain and strife! Damn you, Sherlock. Damn you and your mop of curly, fluffable hair. I’m sure my new sweary adult coloring book will prove to be therapeutic after all that work.

As much as I’d love to make another Sherlock to keep for myself, I think I’ll sit this one out. He’ll be heading back to the UK in March to a new home in Oxford!

9 comments on “Splitting hairs”

  1. This is the happiest day of my life. Well, maybe second happiest since the birth of my son but it’s close… really… really close.

    1. Man, I’m so bummed we won’t be able to see you guys when you come back to the states to visit! I’m just glad I’ll be able to give a good parting gift when you guys head back. 😀

  2. That hair also looks good for a Albert Einstein. Just found your page while looking for projects for my son’s batman room. I think you are amazing.

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