So many drops, so little time!

If you’re here, you’re probably following along for my critter drops. But I’m not the only one who’s dropping things out in the wild at SDCC this year! Here’s a list of other kind souls who are giving things away throughout the course of Comic-Con, give them a follow to keep up with their drops!

  • @shozumi will be doing tiny crocheted critter drops of his own! He’s been a fellow art dropper for a few years now, and his work is always so incredibly tiny and detailed.
  • @niftyneuron has also been joining the art drop party for the last few years, and she’ll have her own crocheted items ready to go for SDCC!
  • @francescup is going to SDCC for the first time and is generously doing her own drops right off the bat! She’ll be dropping crocheted art and stickers! Welcome to the jungle that is SDCC, let’s make sure all her drops get found!
  • @hellokittiecon will be cosplaying as Velma and giving out Scooby loot, including this incredible die-cast Mystery Machine!
  • @Lennonchild is back with amazing 8-bit art to generously drop around SDCC! Just be careful not to let little Lumalee get you down – or maybe embrace the void with this little cutie.
  • @morgan_slay will be cosplaying and giving out crocheted loot! Find her, say hello, get some cool crocheted art!
  • @PRationality has something great for all the bookworms out there! She’ll be dropping books “blind date” style (some are ARCs!!! how cool is that??) for people to find, of all sorts of genres! Hint: this would be a GREAT thing to keep you occupied while you’re in line somewhere!
  • @HermitTst will be at SDCC with a wide variety of loot! Plushies, card games, DVDs, action figures…give him a follow to keep track of it all!
  • @Gomigomigomiday will be dropping a crocheted baby Yoda (Grogu for you pedants out there) and pins!

@dsgnjenn is a fellow hooker and will be dropping some of her work for lucky finders in addition to having a booth at SDCC! My mistake, she’ll be participating in the art show at the Manchester Hyatt! She’s also hinted to me that she tends to make her drops on the walk from the convention center to the Hyatt, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re headed in that direction!

@metallica1331 will be dropping all sort loot for people to find, like t-shirts, pins, a SUPER cute Grogu wallet, and more! Give her a follow on Twitter!

@marnie1218 will be handing out little green army men a la Ted Lasso on Friday!

@BethSleven is a fellow hooker who will also be dropping crocheted cuties at SDCC!

So many drops, so little time! Give them all a follow and let’s make sure all of their hard work pays off with lots of happy confirmed pickups!

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