“Say my name” (no, this isn’t about Breaking Bad)

SHAZAM! I liked it! I liked it a lot more than I thought I would! I went in with zero to low expectations, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I saw Aquaman with low (like REALLY low) expectations and somehow that movie managed to do worse than I expected. So Shazam was a breath of fresh air considering the poor run that’s been coming from the DC Extended Universe lately.


It was definitely a lot darker than I thought it would be but it still had a lot of heart. And dammit, Zachary Levi nailed it when it comes to portraying a kid in a grown man’s body. Billy Batson might have a superhero’s build and powers, but at the end of the day he’s still just a kid.


Otherwise read on for my thoughts on Shazam! SPOILERS AHEAD:


My thoughts on Shazam:

  • Loved the humor. It was just the right kind of giggles that you’d expect from a bunch of teenagers. Sometimes I feel like people writing scripts to be read by kids make it sound too much like adults attempting to sound like kids, but this felt right.
  • “OH, OH, SHOOT HIM IN THE FACE!” That entire gas station scene KILLED me. I lost it when Billy excitedly handed the gun BACK to the robber.
  • Fun fact: Thundercrack is actually the name of a 70s porno!
  • I loved how they made each of the foster siblings so damn likable by the end of the movie. Everyone contributed in their own way to welcome Billy to the family, even if he refused their actions at first. It was a great way to build up to all the Shazam kids coming together in the end.
  • My heart broke when Billy handed his mom the compass and she just says “What’s this?” It was just one line out of the movie but holy crap those two words were crushing.
  • I also loved how Billy and his mom had two very different perspectives on how the events of the day they got separated played out. In Billy’s mind it was a happy day at the carnival. In his mother’s mind she was at the end of her rope with being a teenage mother.
  • *reads casting credits* – OF COURSE ANDY SERKIS WOULD PLAY THE SEVEN SINS. Of course. It’s like everyone just threw him back into his motion capture suit after Black Panther.

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