New blog, who dis?

You guys. YOU GUYS. I’ve got a fresh new blog, at a fresh new address! Are you excited? Because I’m excited.

If you’re new here, WELCOME! And if you’re already familiar with me, hello again, and welcome to the new blog! I hope you’ll like it here.

For the newcomers, hi! I’m Cindy. Since 2011 I’ve been crocheting little characters and leaving them behind for strangers to find. For those who have been following along, you might be wondering what’s new. It’s the same blog, but with a fresh new look, better navigation for mobile devices, and the biggest addition: PATTERNS! And yep, all the patterns are FREE. The old blog will still be there, it just won’t be updated anymore, taking its place as an age-old relic of the internet. If you’re looking for anything dating earlier than 2016, you’ll find it at the old blog. Otherwise this will be my new internet home!

Hang out, poke around, maybe find something cool to make from the patterns section, or just browse through my ramblings! Welcome to the new and improved Geeky Hooker blog! Stay awhile, it’ll be fun.

4 comments on “New blog, who dis?”

  1. Excited about the new address. Congratulations!

    But now there’s no RSS feed? I’m having problems trying to follow in feedly. Am I missing something obvious?

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