Neko what?

When I did an art trade with Marcy of Moon’s Creations I felt terrible that I only sent her a critter and a half (a little Starlord with an even littler Groot) while she sent me FOUR awesome little crocheted bunnies. GAH. I had deadlines to meet for my upcoming book, but I vowed to send her more stuff once that was done. I recreated a Ponyo that I made years ago, and cooked up a new critter: a Neko Atsume cat! Snowball, to be specific.


For those who haven’t played, Neko Atsume is the dumbest “game” in existence. I hesitate to call it a game because there’s nothing to play and there’s nothing to win or lose. You put imaginary cat food in an imaginary bowl in an imaginary yard, and imaginary cats show up. When the cats leave they’ll give you imaginary fish, which is apparently a new form of currency. You then use said fish to buy imaginary cat toys to leave out in your imaginary yard. To attract more imaginary cats. And if you feel like it, you can take pictures of these imaginary cats to save into albums.

That’s it. That’s all you do. You don’t even get to play with the cats. It’s a lazy man’s hybrid between Pokemon Go and Tamagotchi: you don’t have to leave the house to “catch ’em all”, and nothing dies if you neglect it. It’s all so, so stupid. AND I CAN’T STOP.

Oh, and there’s cat butts too. So. Many. Cat butts.


So I couldn’t possibly leave that little detail out.


BEHOLD. THE CAT BUTT. Look deep into it. Yep.


I’ve written up the pattern for this kitty too if any of you hookers out there want to make a little Snowball of your own! Pattern is available for the low, low price of FREE! You can find the pattern here. Just a note that it hasn’t been tested, so drop me a line if you find any goofs in the pattern! Go forth, and make all the imaginary kitties!

2 comments on “Neko what?”

  1. Hi. I just crocheted snowball.. It was easy to follow the pattern..
    That’s another thing I’m not good at sewing shapes and it looks more like a dog hahaha.. Also the kitty’s neck after I sewed on the body looks kind of thick, or at least mine does.. .
    I’m gonna link it on ravelry (beepm85) so you can see what I’m talking about.
    And thanks for this fast little project ! 🙂

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