Mommie Dearest: A Tale of Two Marthas

Superman and Batman have been coming with me to San Diego Comic-Con since I started doing my drops six years ago, and this year is no exception. With Mother’s Day coming up, I thought I’d do a tribute to the dumbest part of Dawn of Justice: the Martha moment. If you haven’t seen Batman vs. Superman, here comes a spoiler (although really, you didn’t miss much): Batman’s about to beat the ever living crap out of Superman. With kryptonite and lots of punches. It’s going down. And then, RIGHT before Batman’s about to give the final blow, Superman croaks out “save…Martha.” Batman says “Wait, wut?” Turns out SURPRISE! Clark Kent’s mom is named Martha. Bruce Wayne’s mom is named Martha. Why is Superman referring to his mother by her first name in this situation? Whatever. SOMEHOW that suddenly makes everything okay and Batman decides “nah, I won’t kill you bro” and helps Superman find Martha Kent to rescue her. Wat. Just…okay, fine, whatever. I didn’t write that shit.

ANYWAY. Mother’s Day is coming! Here’s to our favorite Marthas in the comic book universes.

Superman mother's day

Martha Kent: a sweet but tough country mom. Taught Clark/Kal-El to be a good person and do what’s right, even if it’s the hard thing to do.

Batman mother's day

Martha Wayne: rich and dead. Womp womp.

Batmn & Superman mother's day

These two will be coming with me for the seventh year to San Diego Comic-Con! But wait…some of you might have remembered that I already made a Batman for dropping off this year. So why another Batman? It’s because these guys won’t be scattered around the convention grounds like the others. I’ll be donating these two little dudes for the prize drawings for the blood drive! Be a hero and you could win one of these little buggers for doing something great.


So now you’re bummed that Superman won’t be part of the drops this year? Maybe you’re not eligible to donate blood, or needles make you squeamish? I GOTCHU.

double Superman mother's day

SURPRISE, SUCKERS. I made two! One will be donated for the blood drive prize drawing, and the other will still be dumped off in public for strangers to find. So based on that, I’m still on year 7 of having a Superman and a Batman with me for leaving behind.

Anyway, if your mother’s good to you, call her this weekend and tell her you love her. If you’re going to San Diego Comic-Con, donate blood for a chance to win a little Superman or Batman, or keep your eyes peeled to find a little Superman or an oldschool Batman in the wild! Team Martha GOOOOO!

Batmn & Superman mother's day blood drive

If you want to join my hunt for crocheted critters at San Diego Comic-Con this year, follow me on either twitter or facebook to track my drops! I just ask for two things if you find a critter: 1) Send me a photo of your new friend! 2) Let me know where the little buddy’s new home will be! Good luck, and happy hunting!

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  1. Some year I will get one of these cuties. Let’s hope this is the year. I promise I will yell out Martha if I get one 😉

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