“I’m a freaking Guardian of the Galaxy.”

I watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 over the weekend, and I absolutely had to make a little Rocket Raccoon for SDCC!

I’m particularly proud of how this little guy turned out, because I got the head right on the first try! I had to really sit down and map out color changes and patterns on the piece because I was insistent on crocheting Rocket’s face markings directly into the head instead of using felt cutouts. I’m so pleased with how it looked, without having to redo any of it! It’s all about the little victories, yeah?

As for the movie, after being disappointed (and borderline pissed off) by Thor: Love and Thunder and Wakanda Forever, I went into GotG Vol. 3 with low expectations. It ended up being a great send off for the characters we’ve grown to know and love while passing the torch on to the newer crew. Also the first F-bomb in the MCU, ha!

I don’t think anything will match the magic of the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but after seeing Thor: Love and Thunder and Wakanda Forever fumble, it was refreshing to see things go back to just plain Marvel fun. Some spoileriffic thoughts below:

  • Cosmo is a good dog, dammit! I’m not familiar with Cosmo from the comics but I loved seeing the goodest girl in the galaxy.
  • Rocket’s little group of friends broke my heart. It’s an obvious grab at the heartstrings, but Floor freaking out when Rocket was confronting the High Evolutionary shook me.
  • They really ramped up the “gross factor” in this one, which didn’t bother me much, but some viewers didn’t like how heavy-handed it was. It’s uncomfortable and manipulative, but…it’s a Marvel movie? If you’re looking for subtlety and nuance, a Marvel movie ain’t the place to find it.
  • That brief reference to Michaelangelo’s Creation of Adam killed me.
  • “You’re all just making up stuff that he’s saying, right?” – Gamora saying what we’ve all been thinking for the last nine years.
  • I was seriously worried they’d try to rekindle Peter and Gamora’s romance, and I’m so glad it didn’t happen. She’s found a great family dynamic in the Ravagers and I’m loving it.
  • After all the “it’s not a trap, it’s a faceoff” jokes we ended up with a literal face off oh my god.
  • DRAX THE DAD. Brb gonna go cry now.
  • Slightly disturbed that Radiohead, The Flaming Lips, Beastie Boys, and Florence + the Machine are considered “vintage” enough now to be used in a Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Brb gonna go cry even more now and yell at kids to get off my lawn.

At any rate, lil’ Rocket Raccoon will be up for grabs at SDCC 2023! Find him and he’s yours to keep!

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