Can’t find a critter at SDCC? Win one at the blood drive!

So I’ve got 13 critters lined up for adoption so far. Cool, right? But dammit, you just can’t find one. You’re glued to my twitter, you’re borderline stalking my location (please don’t do that), and they just keep escaping you! BUT WAIT. There’s another way to get a critter! AND you get to save lives in the process.

In addition to the critters that I’ve made for dropping around the convention area, I’ll also be providing prizes for the annual Comic-Con blood drive once again! There will be 3 critters ready to go for a lucky soul who donates blood. If you donate blood, you’ll have a chance at winning any one of these three critters:

chewbacca SM copy

A chunk of walking carpet.

Princess Leia-6422

An intergalactic princess.

Porg-5349 copy

A flying space hamster. (and yes, I’ll have one for dropping AND one as a prize at the blood drive!)

I guess you could say there’s a theme to this year’s blood drive critters. 🙂 You can schedule ahead of time to donate here. You’ll get a sweet goodie bag, a chance to win a critter, and most of all, the opportunity to do something truly heroic. Be a hero, get a chance to win a critter!

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